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Country Club Kool Undri Pune

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Country Club Kool Undri

Country Club Undri boasts of a plethora of amenities that speak well of this family club’s intentions to especially look into the member’s comfort in terms of health and leisure. Come over with your loved ones and celebrate life with full vigour and enthusiasm.


Leisure, Health & Entertainment

Tassha Gym

Member Lounge

Swimming Pool

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Children’s Play Area


Spice Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Pulse Bar – With Exclusive Garden Bar

Travel Desk

Sightseeing – Pune, Lonavala & Khandala

Pick Up & Drop Facilities – Pune Airport, Railway & Bus Stations

Information Desk

Two/Four Wheeler Car Parking at Haridwar


Royal Banquet Hall (2500 Sq.Ft) – Upto 200Pax

Grand Challet Banquet Hall (4500 Sq.Ft) – Upto 600 Pax

Pearl Lounge (1200Sq.Ft ) – Upto 100 Pax

SpringBlossom Front Lawns (10000 Sq.Ft) – 1200 Pax

Port Yard Lawns (8000 Sq.Ft) – Upto 800 Pax

Blue moon Roof Top(3000 Sq.Ft) – Upto 500 pax

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